The issue has been much commented in recent months by the situation that has lived the country this 2019. In this article we will see what is a public tender, who can participate, in addition to the types of bidding guarantees.

To understand what a public tender is, we must understand that, the bidding, as a concept, is a process that is part of the transaction of goods. It can be one or a lot of goods offered, through a selective public or private offer. Its execution aims to ensure better conditions in terms of price, financing and opportunity, as well as efficiency, effectiveness and transparency.

Who can participate in a public tender?

Who can participate in a public tender?

People or companies that want to sell to the State can participate. These must be registered in marketeria, and this registration is previously made in ChileProveedores. In this process, the company is registered as “State Supplier”.

How to register?

How to register?

In Marketeria:

If you are new, you must click on “Register as a Provider” and complete the form. Once the information is completed, you can access your private environment (with the access data previously validated and having also accepted the “general conditions of use”). This is totally free and there is no exception. Any person (natural or legal), of any nationality, who can effectively prove their financial situation and their technical suitability can register as a State supplier. The people registered and accepted will be automatically authorized to participate in calls for the hiring or purchase of a good or service that requires public administration, all made in marketeria.

In ProvidersChores:

This is a platform that stores documentation of national coverage. Although it has 30 service offices in the main cities of the country, it also has the ProvidersChores website where it serves companies and individuals. Its objective is to ensure the authenticity and financial and technical commercial suitability of the State’s suppliers. At the same time, it has benefits not only for buyers from the same State, but also for suppliers, reducing paperwork, procedures and costs to do business with the State.

Once explained the above, and once enrolled in ProvidersChores, you must participate in the Public Market, making offers to the different tenders that are published in marketir

The process is the following:

  1. Login with the username and password 
  2. Once entered, you can search for tenders that correspond to your area or activity. This can be done through the bid search engine that is available on the website.
  3. Once you know what tender you want to participate in and bid, you should make sure if there are any documents attached, and understand everything that is being requested. For that, it is important to read the bidding rules well. Note: it is necessary to know that a tender may have one or more lines of products or services and that they are ultimately awarded. Therefore, a supplier can bid on one or all of the lines of a tender and, of course, can make the number of offers he wants.

Types of Tenders

Types of Tenders

Public tenders:

It is a process carried out autonomously by a buyer agency, in which it invites – through the Public Market – suppliers that are interested and able to provide a good or service. After receiving the proposals, the agency selects and accepts the most convenient offer according to the criteria established in the bidding rules (the cheapest bid does not necessarily win). The bases, or terms of reference, establish both the requirements, and the conditions and specifications of the product or service to be contracted.

For example, description, quantity and terms, are concepts that inform the evaluation criteria that will be applied in the bidding process, the guarantees associated with the process and clauses of conditions of the good or service, among other aspects.

The company or person that wins the bid is the one that offered the most advantageous conditions according to the evaluation criteria stated in the respective bases.

By law, agencies are obliged to make public bids for contracts that exceed the 1,000 UTM.

Private Tenders:

In this type of process, the call to participate in the tender is specific. As well? It is for some companies or people. However, this invitation requires a minimum of three suppliers of the item. Once the deadline to submit the offer has expired, the process is awarded to the person who delivered the best conditions (in which, again, the price factor is not the most decisive).

Once the term of the tender has ended, the envelopes are opened publicly and the award of the process is granted to the company or person who has offered the most advantageous conditions according to the agency.

Guarantee Instruments

And of course, once the call to tender has been made at marketeria, public bodies request guarantee instruments. Without going any further, the new public procurement rule eliminates any restriction on the types of guarantee, not only in the Seriousness of the Offer, but also in the Faithful Compliance with the Contract. In this way, the purchasing agencies must accept any instrument that ensures payment of the guarantee.

Guarantees: As its name says, it guarantees the fulfillment of obligations of money and its purpose is to indemnify in the case of non-compliance with the obligation.

You can request one of these tickets as a client of a bank, in favor of a beneficiary, as a guarantee or protection of the fulfillment of an obligation. Once this document is issued, the bank commits itself without conditions to its payment, with the only requirement of the beneficiary. It can be ordered in two ways:

  1. Making a deposit in your bank.
  2. That the bank issues the ballot with charge to a credit.

It can not be used for a purpose other than the one requested. That is, the document is nominative and non-transferable.

Certificates of bond: It is nominative, non-negotiable and has executive merit for collection. It can be extended to term or sight and are irrevocable. This instrument does not immobilize the funds for long periods, with this the provider can have resources that could be used in the short term, both in working capital and in participating in other new bids.

It should be noted that this Certificate of Deposit can be obtained in our portal, simply and expeditiously.

Other guarantee instruments:

  • Vale vista.
  • Guarantee policy on first demand and sight. It only guarantees amounts in UF.
  • Electronic guarantee policy on first demand and at sight. It only guarantees amounts in UF.

As you could read in this article, and after understanding what a public tender is, participating in tenders as a supplier of the State is much simpler than you think. For this reason we invite you to continue informing you in our different articles and thus be successful in the tenders.