Frequently asked questions about youth loans: complete guide

Give a sigh of relief as well. Even those who do not have a pay slip and above all do not have a job can still apply to access a loan. There are several credit solutions for those who are unemployed young people. The roads to follow in the event of non-employment are varied; among these there is without any doubt that of the surety. The presence of a third party who acts as guarantor is used.

The ideal and most advantageous solution


Today the presence of a guarantor is considered the ideal and most advantageous solution to access a loan when you do not have a job.

If the recipient of the loan fails to pay the reimbursement and there is a situation of insolvency , the bank that has provided the loan can claim back the guarantor, the person who – during the signing of the contract – will have proven to receive a salary and have fixed income so as to take charge of the payment.

Another possibility for a young unemployed person to receive a loan is to access the mortgage loan. This is a very common path, especially when applying for an online loan and there is neither a guarantor nor a guarantee of a pay slip. In the event of failure to pay the repayment installments, the credit institution that has granted the capital may refer to the immovable property on which the mortgage has been registered.

This credit solution allows children who do not have a stable job


To be able to obtain a loan in the form of a non-repayable loan. While before it was therefore more complex to be able to access credit, now even if you do not have an occupation, there are some roads to follow. In order not to make mistakes and make the right choice it is possible to study the various online estimates already present on the websites. This way you can see which financial formula will best suit your needs.

The request for financing must be made only after a careful analysis of the estimates, taking into account the personal needs of each.

As unemployed young people the roads to obtaining a loan are various

As unemployed young people the roads to obtaining a loan are various

Surety, mortgage loan, personal loan with a lost fund and also the use of a revolving card. Furthermore, for those who are unemployed and find themselves living in difficult economic and financial conditions, there is still another way. When the traditional credit channels seem almost all closed, there will be a new glimmer of light. We are talking about the so-called Hope of Hope that can be obtained through Caritas. The loan of Hope is a small loan that is provided to those who need it to tackle the economic difficulties and above all try to improve their living conditions, entering the world of work. The Hope of the Hope is a financing characterized by facilitated rates: the contract is signed through a Guarantee Fund that is fed through donations .

The Loan of Hope can be requested not only by the unemployed, but also by those on layoffs, temporary workers and young people looking for a first job.