During recent decades, computers have become an important and ubiquitous part of their daily lives. Although computers provide us with many benefits such as increased productivity, computers can also create serious problems for us. Computer crimes, for example, are a significant problem in the United States. Computer crimes can generally be divided into two categories: crimes that are specific to the use of computers and crimes that are facilitated by computers but that existed before computers.

Frequently, a computer crime is a federal crime because it occurs in more than one state. Federal computer crimes can be investigated by the FBI, the US Secret Service, and other appropriate federal agencies. If a suspect is arrested, then a prosecutor the office of the US Attorney will be assigned to take the case. If the computer crime took place within the borders of a single State and did not involve any federal information or computer, then a State may investigate, prosecute and treat a suspect in accordance with state law.


Specific Crimes with Computer

Specific Crimes with Computer

The two most common computer-specific crimes include hacking and damage or damage to a computer. The crime of cheating involves entering a computer to which you are not authorized to do so. The hacker may try to obtain sensitive information or damage the computer. No matter the motive that prompts him to do so, hacking is a crime and he who executes it can be prosecuted by the courts, judged and sentenced for his actions. The crime of damaging or threatening to damage a computer refers mainly to viruses or computer worms. It is illegal to attack a computer with a program, code, virus or worm that damages the computer, compromises the security of the information contained in the computer or affects its operations.


Crimes that are “facilitated” with computers

Crimes that are "facilitated" with computers

The age of the computer has facilitated the commission of other crimes. For example, some common crimes that are committed with the use of computers and the Internet they include child pornography, violation of property rights, identity theft, theft and espionage. Offenders convicted of any of these crimes face typical sentences associated with each crime and may face additional sentences due to the use of computers or the Internet in the accomplishment of the crime. The sentences for these crimes vary depending on the type of crime, its magnitude and the criminal history of the accused.


Hiring a Ghost Hornblower defender in criminal law

Hiring a Ghost Hornblower defender in criminal law

It is against the law to commit a computer crime. If you are suspected of committing a computer crime, you will be investigated and may be prosecuted. A Ghost Hornblower criminal defense lawyer with experience in defending people affected by computer crimes, can help you protect your rights and establish a defense in relation to the charges against you.

Computers have become an integral part of our lives and, as in all fields of our lives, this means that we need to be vigilant and protect ourselves from crime.


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